Small Change, Big Difference


One of the coffee shops in our area has a glaring flaw.

When people walk in, they assume they should go straight to the register to place their order. But management wants them to walk around and to the right so they don’t block the door.

The baristas get annoyed and tell customers they’re doing it wrong. The customers feel bad for messing up. And this whole process needlessly repeats itself.

Why don’t they put up a sign directing customers where to go?

Easy. Simple. Obvious. Right?

Perhaps it’s because I don’t work there that this solution is so apparent to me. Maybe I’ll say something if the opportunity presents itself.

But the big idea here is this: Sometimes a small change can make a big difference. It’s true for companies and it’s true for individuals. All that’s required is for us to hit pause, name our pain points, and imagine some solutions.

Wanna see how easy this is?
1. Name the first pain point that comes to mind.
2. Name one small change you could make that would create a huge difference.
The problem is not that we lack the intelligence to see and assess. The problem is that we aren’t willing to pause and reflect to make significant changes in our lives.
It’s easier to do the bare minimum and keep telling customers where to line up than to give 2% more effort and create a system that will make life easier for everyone.

Small change, big difference. Worthwhile.

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