Halls of Fame?


I am zero for all when it comes to Halls of Fame and that is pretty amazing because it seems there is a Hall of Fame for everything.  I’ve never been to the Baseball Hall of Fame (Cooperstown, NY), the National Football Hall of Fame (Canton, OH), the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame (virtual, but planned for the Cayman Islands), the Circus Hall of Fame (Peru, IN), Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame (Hayward, WI), International Santa Claus Hall of Fame (Santa Claus, IN), World Kite Hall of Fame (Long Beach, WA) or even the Quilters Hall of Fame (right here in Marion, IN).  Sad, but true, I am failing when you talk about Hall of Fame visits.   But I love the concept!  What does a person have to do or say or be to get inducted into the Hall of Fame representing their area of expertise?

In our “selfie” society, I’m pretty sure we don’t need another Hall of Fame.  What we do need are people of faith…people who are willing to live with purpose in a world “drowning in information and starving for wisdom.” (E.O. Wilson)

So this week I’ve been thinking about another Hall of Fame, or in this case Hall of Faith, the one found in the Bible.  Hebrews 11 is filled with references to many of the great heroes of the Old Testament and over and over again the writer describes their journey with two words:  “by faith.”

These early world changers set a standard and an example for each of us, but that was a long time ago.  What about now?  Seems to me that every generation this side of Calvary has heroes of the faith, people who have in spite of their circumstances have persevered and modeled what it means walk “by faith and not by sight.”

And that leads me to ask you the question, who would go in your personal Hall of Faith?  If you were writing your own version of Hebrews 11, who would make the cut?  For some of us it would be a family member or friend and for others it might be a professor, or next door neighbor.  Do you want to be encouraged?  Sit down with a pad and paper or a computer screen and make a list for your personal Hall of Faith.  Do you want to encourage others?  Take that same pad and paper or computer and drop them a note of appreciation for the role they are playing in your walk of faith.

Most of my life I’ve been surrounded by people full of faith and for that I give thanks. Even now I look around and watch friends facing the challenges of cancer, the pain of a prodigal child, and the loss of a loved one.  Their faith inspires me and reminds me that people are watching, especially in those most difficult moments.  And that leads me to ask another more personal question:  Wh0 might choose you for being a “faith full” person in their life?

Chances are good that most of us will not be elected to a Hall of Fame, but we can walk by faith, and ultimately, that is enough.

“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.”  

Hebrews 11:1

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